graphic designer in Scotland
graphic design in Scotland
scottish graphic design

scottish book designer
website design in Scotland
graphic design in the highlands of Scotland

delicious brochures

graphic design is not an industry, we don’t end the day with Swarfega, and we don’t transform the landscape into an industrial one.  Graphic design is a profession.

big rich client seeks brilliant graphic designer
big rich client seeks brilliant graphic designer who gives bottles of Dalwhinnie whisky
graphic designer who is uxorious
seductive typography
voted best graphic designer in the world nineteen years running by Mrs Akel
someone else who spells the word fount as it should be

author of big cheques

logos to go oooo at

glorious websites

someone else who thinks the Pentagram website is really dull
fortuna favet fortibus
shortbread to die for if you come to see my portfolio
the only normal person in the world

design is not an industry, it is a profession

Always sunny in Dalwhinnie

Paul Watzlawick’s book Pragmatics of Human Communication his first axiom is: You cannot not communicate

Anyone who would letterspace lowercase characters would steal sheep

I wish to wash my Irish wrist watch
I’ve been dismissed by the Leith Police
I’ve danced on the bridge at Avignon
Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru
Ode to an empty bottle of Dalwhinnie whisky
Arsenal 6 Manchester United 0 (or better, Manchester United 0 Arsenal 6)
1967 Chateau D’Yquem
Charles Wells Bombardier
My first car was a 1961 Mark II Jaguar
Ethrapotic is a great word
282 Munros, 238 done, 44 to go. 227 Tops, 177 done, 50 to go. 509 total, 415 done, 94

to go.
I know the difference between paragogic and paregoric